How To Choose High Quality PVC HOSE Pipe?

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Teach you how to choose high quality PVC-U pipes and fittings. In practice, it is found that most families use buried wiring when decorating and laying wires. This method uses flame-retardant PVC-U pipe c material, PVC HOSE because the price of PVC-U flame-retardant threading pipe is five or six yuan per meter more expensive than ordinary pipe,PVC HOSE many owners buy threading pipe is ordinary plastic thin pipe, PVC HOSE once the wire leakage, the use of this kind of pipe has no fire protection effect. Many families use wood, cloth and other inflammables as interior decorative materials in decoration. They often use them without fire protection treatment and close the unsightly power switch in the room with cabinets or decorative frames. These are hidden dangers of fire safety.

Unlike the PVC-U drainage pipe, the pressure resistance of the Taiyuan Huaya PVC-U water supply pipe is the main mechanical index. The factors affecting the pressure resistance of the pipe are not only the mechanical equipment, PVC HOSE but also the raw materials and formulation. At the same time, the corresponding adjustment of the process should be considered. For example, the clearance between the extrusion screw and the barrel should not be too large; the larger feed volume and the larger compression ratio; the reasonable formulation should be designed and the corresponding reasonable process adjustment should be carried out to control the plasticity to 60%-70%.

Our company's PVC-U water supply pipe itself has greater rigidity, excellent low temperature pressure resistance, pressure ring stress can be greater than 36 MPa at 20 C,PVC HOSE but the current market for building water supply plastic pipes in the largest amount, but its high temperature pressure resistance is very poor, so it can only be used for cold water or low temperature hot water piping system below 45. 

How to choose suitable PVC-U pipes: PVC-U water supply pipes are joined in the same way as drainage pipes, PVC HOSE generally using adhesive. Selection of PVC-U water supply pipes should focus on the following aspects: users choose to first apply macro-inspection in appearance and size, such as whether the circumferential wall thickness is uniform,PVC HOSE whether the wall thickness is thick enough, can be compared more. The test report of the tube and the test report of its hygienic index should be obtained, preferably the original. Technical specifications (GB/T10002.1-2006), Vicat softening temperature (> 80 C), longitudinal shrinkage (< 5%), no change in the surface impregnated with dichloromethane, drop hammer impact test (0 C) TIR (< 5), hydraulic test 20 (?), cyclic stress 36 MPa/38Mpa, no cracking and leakage in 1 h. 

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