Outstanding Performance And Unique Advantage Of PVC HOSE

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PVC hose temperature range: -20oC ~+70oC (short time up to + 80oC), structure: high-grade soft PVC, wall-coated elastic steel wire, PVC HOSE characteristics: non-toxic, transparent, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance,PVC HOSE  negative high pressure resistance, high elasticity, long service life; high pressure, vacuum, PVC HOSE compression resistance, very smooth, good chemical resistance, food grade, high-strength galvanized steel wire spiral embedded in flexible pipe. In the wall, transparent tube, high visibility of fluid transport and free flow.Application: It is widely used in the transportation of liquid, gas, oil and powder materials in agriculture, industry, engineering, mine, oil depot, petrochemical equipment, etc. 

Delivery specifications: 10mm ~ 150mm, with reticulated polyester filament in the middle of smooth pipe wall. Clear and transparent tube, PVC HOSE easy to control the flow of liquid. The inner and outer layers are strongly bonded, not easy to stratify, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and non-toxicity of materials. Elasticity is like rubber, PVC HOSE but it has a long service life. Small size, easy to retrieve, easy to move. It is applied to transport water, oil, weak acid liquids, oxygen, gas and other gases in the fields of agriculture, industry, fishery, engineering and household. It is suitable for use at - 10 ~50 ~C.

It can resist high temperature fluids within 150 C. It can clean the inside of food rubber hose and the ground. It can also maintain good softness at very low temperature, PVC HOSE and can be used as filling and transportation piping hose. All kinds of special joints can reduce the decomposition and cleaning of food hose pipes. They are suitable for filling operation. Unique reinforcement structure, PVC HOSE to prevent the edge of the joint debonding rupture, improve reliability. It has odor and does not affect the dissolution of the fluid. It can be used in food and beverage safely. 

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