What Is Characteristics Of PVC Hoses?

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1.It is very beautiful in appearance and bright in color. Users can choose different kinds and different colors according to their own needs. At the same time, the hose is very clean, sanitary and convenient in use, so it is widely used in medicine and cosmetics packaging.

2.The inside of the hose basically eliminates oxygen in the air, which can effectively prevent the food from deteriorating when used for packaging. In addition, due to the discharge of gas, heat can be conducted more rapidly inside, thus not only effectively sterilizing the packaged articles, but also avoiding the gas expansion caused by heat expansion and cold contraction from damaging the container used for packaging when sterilization is carried out in a heating mode. This property can be used to preserve food for a long time to ensure that it will not deteriorate even after being stored for a period of time.

3.Third, packaging with this material is not only very convenient and easy to carry, but also can reduce costs and is relatively economical. Even if you squeeze the whole body with it, it can restore its original appearance within a period of time and keep its original beautiful appearance. At the same time, its economy is also an important reason for many people to choose it.

4.PVC fiber reinforced hose has very good air tightness during packaging, so it is widely used in some places with high requirements on sealing degree. It can not only effectively prevent the exchange between different substances, but also prevent secondary pollution in the air, and prevent food from losing original taste and losing weight due to poor sealing.

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