Good quality colorful corrugated suction hose /flexible pvc suction hose /water hose

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Made of high quality compound material and with rigid plastic spiral inlaid
  • Light,transparent, with small bending radius
  • Inner and outer surface is smooth, with small bending radius
  • Good adaptability to hard to hard weather conditions ,durable and anti-erosion
  • Perfect substitute for the rubber hose and metal pipe

Product Details

Product Description

This PVC suction hose is made of high quality PVC synthetic material. Its inner and outer walls are smooth and its bending radius is small. It offers good pressure resistance. 

Our PVC suction hose adopts anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet irradiation raw materials, featuring high anti-aging properties. The inner wall of the hose is smooth, bright, soft and wear-resistant. 

This PVC suction hose is an ideal environmental protection product for transportation of various liquids in industrial and agricultural construction engineering, such as water, oil, powder debris and so on. No dust and water accumulation.


- Suitable for various civil, building, and construction works

- Suitable for fishing industries and ships

- Various powdery particles and liquids transport

- Industrial oil transport

- Various oils and chemicals transport


- Able to resist the pressure and the external impact very strongly.

- Achieving excellent properties such as wear resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance and so on.

- During the movement or transport of an object, the resistance is greatly reduced for the planar characteristics of both the inside and the outside.

- Having long service life.

Applicable Temperature: -10℃--65℃


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