No smell good quality colorful flexible fiber braided reinforce plastic pvc garden hose

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • High tensile synthetic fiber braid with plasticized
  • Lightweight, tough,durable and long service life
  • Resistance to abrasion, corrosion,heat and aging
  • Operate temperature: 0°c to 60°c.
  • Easy extend to longer length with hose coupling and clamp

Product Details

Product Description

This kind of Plastic PVC Hose is made of high quality environmentally friendly PVC material with good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. It remains intact under vacuum and high pressure. The tube wall is crystal clear and contains no impurities, so the internal liquid flow can be clearly seen. In addition, the Plastic PVC Hose has the advantages of pressure resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good flexibility, no brittle fracture, good flexibility, high cost-effective, light weight as well as long service life. 

Its operating temperature is from minus 5°C to 65°C. It also can be operated normally under severe environmental conditions. The Plastic PVC Hose is suitable for agriculture, engineering, fish farming, aquaculture and other fields, and can also be used for door lock handle sheath, craft gift packaging and children's toys.


The product has excellent performance than ordinary similar products in the market. It is made of high quality material and has a long use life. It can be operated normally all around the year. It can lasting long time during proper use and simple maintenance. The application of it can greatly improve work efficiency and production efficiency. What's more, the surface of the hose can be sprayed with the logos and designs of customers, the size can also be customized in accordance with the requirements of the clients. 


Designed for discharge of water. Irrigation, drainage,sprinkle and water supply applications on farmland and construction site

Also suitable for light duty dewatering applications and water washdown


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